Six easy steps for getting settled in Switzerland

1. Registration

  • Register your place of residence within eight days after moving to Switzerland.
  • Apply for a residence permit and/or work permit if you are staying for longer than three months.

To do this, contact the local residents’ register office in your commune of residence. You will find all relevant information and contact details at

2. Insurance

  • Take out compulsory health insurance within three months after moving to Switzerland.

3. Accomodation

Compare available properties via real estate agents or online providers. When viewing a property, have the following documents on hand:


  • Copy of your residence permit or a valid means of identification
  • Copy of your employment contract
  • Your previous landlord’s contact details
  • Your credit rating information (extract from the debt enforcement register, available from your commune of residence)

4. Bank account

You can find valuable information about banking and all Swiss financial institutions at Have the following documents on hand if you want to open an account:


  • Valid means of identification
  • Residence permit or certificate of residence
  • Employment contract, if available

5. Motor vehicle

To register a motor vehicle, or for any related formalities, consult your cantonal driver and vehicle licensing office. You will find all relevant addresses and information at


  • Get your driving licence altered no later than within twelve months after entering the country
  • Register your motor vehicle within the following time limits: one month if you import a new vehicle; twelve months for used vehicles
  • In order to register your motor vehicle, it is compulsory to take out Swiss insurance

6. Post and telecommunications

  • Before moving to Switzerland, inform your current local post office and arrange to have your mail forwarded
  • Request a landline phone and/or internet connection for your new home
  • Contact the Swiss fee collection agency about the radio and television fee:

Customs regulations

When you move to Switzerland, you are entitled to bring your household goods, any collections, animals and your car with you, free of customs duty. The only condition is that you have personally used the imported objects for at least six months and continue to do so after importing them.